DutchWest Non-Catalytic

These EPA certified cast iron stoves offer efficient, environmentally friendly heating in a convenient non-catalytic format. With three sizes to choose from you can bring the cozy comfort of a wood fire to both small and large rooms.

Available in sizes Small, Medium, or Large

EVERBURN Combustion System

Stable, long-burning flame — This highly efficient non-catalytic combustion system reaches emissions levels as low as comparable catalytic models, as little as 1.31 grams per hour!

Leg Levelers

Convenient installation — Install your stove even on rough, non-level surfaces with these adaptable leg levelers.

Insulated Refractory Brick Firebox

Keeps heat in and cold out — The firebox is completely insulated to keep cold air out, and its refractory lining helps distribute heat back into the room.

Front and Side Loading

Safe and easy log loading — Load this stove with wood from the side or the front as needed, whichever side is easier to access.



burn time: 8-14 hrs.
btu: 35,000-55,000 (Max BTU/H)
specifications: true
energy efficiency: 63% at 1.3-1.5g/hr
dimensions: S: 24-1/2 (W) x 29-3/4 (H) x 23-1/4 (D); M: 27-1/4 (W) x 29-3/4 (H) x 23-1/4 (D); L: 29-3/4 (W) x 32-1/2 (H) x 24-3/4 (D)
firebox size: S: 1.6 cu. ft. (20–25 lbs.); M: 2.0 cu. ft. (25–30 lbs.); L: 2.8 cu. ft. (30–35 lbs.)
log size: S: 19; M: 20–22: L: 22–24
weight: S; 400 lbs.; M: 420 lbs.; L: 480 lbs.
Please Note: Heating Area varies with climate and home efficiency/insulation.

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